The Kira Davis Show Ep.23: Jennifer Oliver O'Connell and the Value of Leaving Bubbles Behind (This is subscription content at Redstate but if you use my code KIRA you get 25% off a VIP subscription if that type of thing interests you) <>The New York Times Is Looking For A New Editor, So I Helpfully Reworked Their 'Wanted' Ad (this is another VIP article but worth a look if you have a subscription. The ad was I fixed it) <>Red+Black: The Hodge Twins, Martin Luther Cha-ching aka Snow Jay Simpson aka Talcum X aka Shaun King <>Totally upstaged by the amazing Sonnie Johnson on Jeff Charles' channel the other night. He barely got a word in edgewise between the two of us, but a good time was had by all. <>On Newsmax last week to talk about a bunch of stuff including Natalie Portman rewriting fairy tales, Cuomo and the border crisis. Socials: Twitter @RealKiraDavis @JustJlty FB @RealKiraDavis (but I don't do much over there these days) IG @JustListenToYourself Rumble @ Just Listen To Yourself with Kira Davis YT @ KiraDavis *Help support uncensored discussion. Subscribe to DavisNation today and join the movement for free and critical thought.">
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